Game of…cards

tumblr_n4jpzcufCf1qae9seo2_r1_500 Looking on internet about Game of thrones(as usual) I run into…GOT CARDS. Yes, you heard me right, an entirely cards set created by Paul Nojima. They are absolutely fantastic drawned and very clever as well. I mean Stannis team has the red heart cards, while the jokers are no one else than Varys and Littlefinger, which have two messages for the losers, their famous quotes-„I did warn you not to trust me.”(LT) and „Power resides where men believe it resides.”(Varys).That made roar with laughter!:)))tumblr_n4jpzcufCf1qae9seo3_r1_1280 Enlarge the image to see those amazing details!c48766b8deb08f9cb75ffff0a443c4e8-d5scvya


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