Daenerys Targaryen, Missandei and Ellaria Sand dresses by Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci spring 2011-blue and brown kaftan dress

Emilio Pucci spring 2011-blue and brown kaftan dress

My, my, my, I love that outfit! It describes Dany`s style perfectly : a little savage, a little oriental, with those brown boots who reminds me of the dothraki fashion and of course blue! I`ve simply fallen for it!

Emilio Pucci spring 2011-blue dress

Emilio Pucci spring 2011-blue dress

It`s totaly Missandei`s style, that oriental cut around the neck and the bright, dark blue. Plus the veils.

Emilio Pucci 2011-orange dress

Emilio Pucci 2011-orange and brow dress

I believe it`s obvious why this belongs to Ellaria Sand: a lot of Orient, a lot of skin shown and, of course, a lot of orange.

Emilio Pucci 2011-yellow dress

Emilio Pucci 2011-yellow dress

And about this what can I say? It`s couture, elegance and exoticism in one simple dress. That embroidery around her chest and the decolletage, specific to Ellaria`s style made me consider this an Ellaria dress as well.


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