Ellaria Sand vs Barbie doll

Barbie Princess of the world India

Barbie Princess of India

Well, this is how a Ellaria Sand Barbie doll should look like : dark skin, black hair, very mysterious and exotic. And, yes, I could imagine the dornish style of dressing like the indian style and the atmosphere of Dorne as something like India, of course where it`s not to much vegetation. And obviously Sunspear being like the castle of a Maharajah, full of riches, silk and sparkling gems. I generally associate Dorne with an arabian land  but I think in this case that doll is perfect to portrait the beautiful Ellaria. One thing I would change : I would replace the pink of the costume with orange. Just to be the Martell`s colors. In the rest the sari is very similar with her way of dressing, am I right? I mean just remember that bra she was wearing all the time and the jewels..


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