Eyrie vs Neuschwanstein

Eyrie (Ted Nasmith)

Eyrie (Ted Nasmith)

Neuschwanstein castle (Hohenschwangau, Germany)

Neuschwanstein castle (Hohenschwangau, Germany)

When I think of the Eyrie I can`t think of anything else but Neuschwanstein. Not only because of Ted Nasmith`s beautiful ASOIAF inspired landscapes, but it`s also as high as Eyrie should be, as impenetrable, and frightening and majestic, a place in the most dangerous mountains, all in blue and white (the Arryn`s colors)  where you can touch the moon and where only the falcons can arrive. And of course, if you are unlucky enough to be not in Littlefinger`s graces, a moon door it could be a very natural and to be expected thing here. BTW, I really think that Ted Nasmith was inspired of Neuschwanstein when he made those drawings.


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