Game of thrones as a Disney animated movie

If you are wondering how Game of thrones would look like in Disney`s version then here is the answer-a magnificent, well-done, funny collection of the most popular characters in GOT designed by Disney as animated characters. Just imagine a musical animated picture, where all the god guys win and no one of great importance dies. I would see Joffrey singing Simba`s song : „I just can`t wait to be king!” or Ser Alliser Thorne trying to train the recruits of the Night`s watch with Shang`s song : I`ll make a man out of you”. Melisandre would be just amazing dancing around her fires and singing : „Poor unfortunate souls” and Ned Stark would try to convince Sansa that life in King`s landing is not so beautiful as she think it will be with a song something like „Under the sea” but with other lyrics like „Up in the North”, maybe. Ygritte would join her famous „You know nothing, Jon Snow!” with a melody like „Colors of the wind” (remember one of the first lines in Pocahontas`s song-„How can there be so much that you don`t know?!”) Daenerys would rise unharmed from the flames singing an adapted version of „Let it go” (The cold heat never bothered me anyway). As for Petyr Baelish, that cunning fellow, he would „hypnotize” Sansa with Kaa`s song : „Trust in me”. And (funny thought) he would definitely must have a duet with crazy Lysa-„Love is an open door”, with the word „moon” somewhere in there. 🙂 (It`s really interesting, isn`n it, the fact that in Frozen this song is singed by a guy who actually tried to kill the girl who was in love with him, after he took all the advantages of his romance with her, just like Littlefinger. And not only that- she has red hair like Lysa. And the moment when they create a heart of their hands around the moon, I am truelly wondering if Disney got some inspiration from ASOIAF while making this movie.) But, as we`ll probably never see that happen, here is the gallery I promised you. I only regret they`ve stopped at only 15 characters.disney_got_cersei_lannister_by_nandomendonssa-d7imj32 So, first there`s Cersei like an authentic villain, with Tyrion`s wanted picture in her hand. But what makes this priceless is that Cersei looks completely drunk with that glass in her hand, that silly evil expression on her face, surrounded by hundreds of wine barrels. The perfect caricature!disney_got_tyrion_lannister_by_nandomendonssa-d7fjwaz And then comes Tyrion, who isn`t less drunk than his sister, but who is incredibly similar with the actor in the TV series. Totally bad ass!Jaime Lannister and Brienne of TarthJaime and Brienne would`ve been cute, but really? I mean, come on guys, he doesn`t look like Jaime at all, not the hair and definitely not that stupid, dreamy-girl face. The other Disney like characters all have something very original, but these two have to much in common with Beauty and the Beast. What`s up with that ballroom background? It has nothing to do with them or their story!!! Anyway, I do not agree with people saying they are Beauty and the Beast. Jaime was a powerful, stubborn, unequalled warrior and he doesn`t need the protection of Brienne, on the contrary : he was the one that saved her many times.                                                                          Oberyn Martell and the MountainThis is certainly one of my favourites. Oberyn and the Mountain look like two old friends playing a silly game. Very original working and their faces are so well designed.arya_stark_and_the_hound___disney_got_collection After that are coming Arya Stark and the Hound, with faces and atitudes that express the very soul of them, Sandor enjoying a fresh chicken drumstick.disney_got_bram_and_hordor_by_nandomendonssa-d7imhi6 Bran and Hodor are a bit of a disappointment-I mean what is the point about the chicken in this image? But I like them though.disney_got_dany Dany was even more disappointing, that dragon is absolutely horrible and she is so ugly! Disney hadn`t much inspiration about her.disney_got_jon_snow_by_nandomendonssa-d7fb5m6 Jon Snow and Ghost are cute, but they`ve made Jon look like and idiot, a stupid boy, impossible to think he could attract girls. After all Jon was handsome.MelisandreDespise the fact that Melisandre doesn`t look like the actress at all, this picture is pure genious. That Goofy shadow gives me chills! =))VarysVarys is my favourite Disney character ever. Look at his pretty baby face and those little Snow White birds. That little fan of his. His expression be like „I know everything.” Yet fatty as he is, sitting on the ground like a 3 year old kid, he`s totally inoffensive.tumblr_n6bomqXwoN1sh566ao1_1280But the craziest of them all is this sweet, funny, white-walker. Look at him-so full of joy and innocence, so harmless and graceful, like a ballerina. I`d bet they were inspired by Elsa from Frozen with those sparkling pixie snow dust coming from his hands, and those glassy floor and walls in the background like Elsa`s ice castle. A cartoon of Elsa as well. 🙂


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