Rita Hayworth as Tyene Sand

Rita Hayworth as Salome in Salome

Rita Hayworth as Salome in Salome

Tyene is regarded as treacherous, while maintaining a sweet and pious persona. Areo Hotah thinks Tyene looks as sweet as summer strawberries. She is fair, with golden hair, blue eyes and an almost otherworldly innocence about her. She has soft pale hands but they are as deadly as Obara’s callused ones, if not more so. That`s why if they could make Rita Hayworth as she was as Salome to come back to life and play Tyene Sand that would make me very happy. She (Salome) was exactly the same : blue eyes and blond hair, looking very innocent and very fragile, with nothing masculine or brutal in her. Full of charm, a true arabian, but white beauty, just as an european one, delicate, girly and fatal-figurative and literally.


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