House Mallister watch

Cartier-Secret watch with phoenix bird on top

Cartier-Secret watch with phoenix bird on top

Well, they surely don`t have watches in Westeros but, never mind that, this watch is one of the most expensive watches in the world. I thought it would be nice to post it as a Mallister watch as it has the silver eagle of the mallisterHouse Mallister of Seagard is one of the most prominent noble houses from the Riverlands. Seagard is a fortress built to defend the coast against the reavers from the Iron Islands, and dates from before the War of Conquest. The Mallisters distrust the ironborn.
Their blazon is a silver eagle displayed, over a purple field. Their motto is „Above the rest”. House Mallister aided Aegon the Conquerer during his War of Conquest and rebelled against King Harren the Black of Harrenhal.
Lord Lymond Mallister unhorsed Ser Criston Cole at the tourneyat Maidenpool to celebrate the accession of King Viserys I.
Ser Joseth Mallister jousted in the Ashford Tourney. He was left unconscious in one of the first tilts.
Prince Rhaegar Targaryen unhorsed Lord Jason Mallister in a tourney at Storm’s End.
Jeffory Mallister was one of the companions of Brandon Stark that were accused of treason and executed by order of King Aerys II Targaryen.
During Robert’s Rebellion, Lord Jason attended the wedding between Catelyn Tully and Eddard Stark; his gifts were lavish. At the Battle of the Trident, he slew three lords sworn to Dragonstone.
During the Greyjoy Rebellion, Lord Jason slew Rodrik Greyjoy beneath the walls of Seagard. He took part in the Tourney at Lannisport following the rebellion, but he was defeated by the eventual victor, Lord Jorah Mormont.                                                                                                                                                 House Mallister at the end of the third century:                                                    The known Mallisters during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:
Lord Jason Mallister, Lord of Seagard. A mature man, yet still strong and handsome.
Patrek Mallister, his son, a young man. Heir to Seagard.
Ser Denys Mallister, his uncle. A member of the Night’s Watch and commander of the Shadow Tower.
With unspecified familiar relationship to the main branch there are also:
Ser {Jeffory Mallister}, slain on the order of the Mad King.


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