The dornishman`s wife

The dornishman`s wife, another famous ballad in Westeros, with lyrics by George R. R. Martin, as all the others. A song about lust, and sin, and death, about beauty and cruelty. The think I like more about this is that death it`s regarded with much serenity, abolishing its almighty power with a smile, a laugh and some very true and simple words, which are like a hallowed motto from the people in that world : „All men must die”, or in the original High valyrian tongue : „Valar morghulis”, a motto which is probably the apex of the valyrian civilization. But I thought that the original version, no matter how much I like it (being by all means a classic medieval ballad, for which fact I have nothing but respect), is not so dark, sinister and lustful as it should be considering the subject. So, here it is-the perfect Dornishman`s wife version by Karliene. Pity she didn`t make a real video of it.


The Dornishman’s wife was as fair as the sun,
and her kisses were warmer than spring.
But the Dornishman’s blade was made of black steel,
and its kiss was a terrible thing.
The Dornishman’s wife would sing as she bathed,
in a voice that was sweet as a peach,
But the Dornishman’s blade had a song of its own,
and a bite sharp and cold as a leech.
As he lay on the ground with the darkness around,
and the taste of his blood on his tongue,
His brothers knelt by him and prayed him a prayer,
and he smiled and he laughed and he sung,
„Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are done,
the Dornishman’s taken my life,
But what does it matter, for all men must die,
and I’ve tasted the Dornishman’s wife!”


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