Catelyn Tully

tumblr_n6k0gkqTod1qfnq1do4_1280 9da98275-0e84-49b2-9f35-cbef3ecb1268doamna lacului (1)e1797053-4e66-454e-8276-f71c575acddddoamna lacului (2)                                                                                                                                                                              I`ve run by chance into this splendid photo gallery, called „Leaked dreams of our past” by Ines Rehberger and my first thought was Catelyn Tully, back during Robert`s rebellion when she was young. Red hair, blue eyes, river everywhere, and even some similarities with the actress that played her role in the TV series. What colors, what ambiance, what mystery! No wonder Littlefinger fell for her.doamna lacului (3)6a53784d-5253-4885-953b-43118f7920e1


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