Sansa Stark, queen in the North

Game of thrones Reign cosplay Absolutely amazing! I simply love this GOT cosplay of Reign series. Don`t know who made it, but it`s all so well cut, that you can actually think this is the original. Especially Sansa, with that Stark wolf on her chest and Alayne`s hair-the true queen in the North we all hope she will be. And then I love the idea by itself. Sansa becoming a real, powerful, good queen, with the help and the protection of two important men : the cunning and extremely smart Petyr, who will teach her how to play the Game and who will come to love and appreciate her for herself and not for her similarity with Catelyn, and Jon who will reunite with his sister and they will start to care for each other much more than they did before the war. (It`s not a secret that they were pretty cold one to the other.) This trio would be awesome, but I think the best part of it would be the way Jon would try to protect Sansa from Littlefinger, and how skeptical both they would be and finally how Sansa will manage to make them to be good friends and collaborate, each in his own schemer/warrior way, explaining Jon how important Petyr is for her, how he saved her and how much she is in love with him, and making Petyr to see all Jon`s qualities and her love for him as a sister. A perfect ending! (In fact too perfect to be true, but I can dream, right?)


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