Game of thrones sandals by Roberto Cavalli

It is time to think what the ladies of Westeros would wear as shoes. And I`ve just discovered this marvelous collection of Roberto Cavilli sandals witch I found it very proper and inspirational.

Roberto Cav

Roberto Cavalli-feather sandals

This could be the sandals of a Penrose lady. Not the exactly colors but extremely luxurious and elegant.

Roberto Cavalli-snake sandals

Roberto Cavalli-snake sandals

The Sand snakes…. Of course they would wear sandals. Imagine them wearing these in the desert like three Morgan girls. Well, not all three. Obara would probably wear boots or something more warrior like and Tyene, I don`t know why, but I picture her in pastel colors like blue or pink. Maybe because she is blond and these are the most proper colors for a blond girl. So I believe the most likely to wear these would be lady Nym.

Roberto Cavalli-spider sandals

Roberto Cavalli-spider sandals

Roberto Cavalli-spider sandals (detail)

Roberto Cavalli-spider sandals (detail)

And at last, a pear of sandals witch would be worn by some female relative of Varys. Poor creature,    he`s so alone in the world. 🙂 But leaving the joke behind that spider is a real jewelry.


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