Summer isles princess and Leng God-empress dolls

Barbie Princess of Oveania

Barbie Princess of Oceania

I`ve just finished reading ”The world of Ice and Fire” and I felt in love with the complex aspects of this magnificent, complet, fantastic imaginary world. So, as a tribut, I find this two Barbie dolls to be perfect for the role which I want them to play. The firt is dressed in bright blue as the waters of the Summer sea, with exotic island flowers, in an exotic island landscape. None the less, she looks exactly as a woman from Summer isles should look like : beautiful, with black hair, and brown eyes, and also with dark skin.

Barbie Princess of Cabodgia

Barbie Princess of Cabodgia

The second one is an exceptional Leng God-empress, very tall, but also fragile and feminine, with that jungle and ruins background, wearing an exotic silk, and the empress crown with jewelry of jad stones and gold, looking not like a black girl, nor as a white or a yellow one, as a special race woman, with a sophisticated, natural, peculiar kind of beauty.


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