Oscar movies versus Game of thrones

IMG-20160309-WA0007 IMG-20160317-WA0046Aren`t theese hilarious? Especially that the stories ar so well fitted. Jon Snow is indeed a revenant as he was killed and resurected when no one expected as Di Caprio almost dies and comes back, again unexpectedly, he had a cruel, horrible enemy that did it-Alliser versus Fitzgerald-that both were sure they were done with him and then the two heroes destroy their enemies. Not to mention all that landscape from the Revenant that suggests so well the atmosphere beyond the Wall, the chief and the team that looks like the Lord Commander Mormont who protects Glass aka Jon and the Night`s watch in a mission, plus the parallel between the savage indians and the wildings with whom Glass/Jon is friendly and even falls in love with one of them who is in both of the cases killed by one of the civilised people. And that looks just like a Night`s watch building. So what could I say? I am socked of all these similarities.                                                        In parallel, Tyrion really feels like a martian theese days. He went to a place far, far away from home, on a strange land with other rules and habits. Fortunately for us, now he is returning.


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