Who I want to see in the end on the Iron thron?

maxresdefaultI now that there will be a lot of people that I am going to make angry for this, but I want to express my personal thoughts and also give arguments why I am choosing this character, only objective arguments, leaving all my personal feelings and sympathies behind. So, yes, you guessed it right, I want in the end to see Littlefinger on the Iron throne. Why? you may ask me. He is so selfish, and only cares about himself and not at all about the people. Well my answer might surprise you : actually I believe his selfishness is the one that makes him the perfect king of Westeros. He comes from nothing, nobody loves him, especially not the nobles. So once he gets the throne in order to keep it he is aware that he must win the people’s support. How do you do that? By feeding them, by paying the crown’s debts, by taking them out of the poverty caused by war. How do you do all these? Well, with money, lots and lots of money. And who is better at getting money than him? There’s a paragraph in the books from Tyrion’s perspective when Tyrion says that Petyr Baelish can get one gold dragon by rubbing other two and that, I’m quoting: „If ever was a man who armoured himself in gold it was Littlefinger.” That considering that Tyrion is the son of Tywin, the man considered by all the people of Westeros as the richest and they even say about him that he shits gold. And yet Tyrion doesn’t say that about his extremely rich father but about Petyr Baelish. That really says something. And at some point even Jaime thinks that Baelish would make a great Hand of the King and plans to make him get the position. All this being said there are clearly two very important things that would make Petyr Baelish a far better king than Dany, Cersei and Jon at a place. 1. He has the stronger motivation to win people’s love and take them out of poverty because there’s no other chance for him to keep the throne. All the others 3 don’t need to fear that, don’t need to concern themselves about keeping the throne. Cersei could do that by inspiring fear-we saw that very clearly when she becomes queen without having any rights, Dany has her armies and her dragons,  so nobody will ever dare to question her rule and Jon is already loved by people because he has proved himself to be onorable and all and when his true identity will be revealed nobody will ever think about betraying him. Petyr Baelish is the only one who’s rule would  depend exclusively on what he actually does for his people as king and that’s why he would be the most interested from all of these 4 left options to help Westeros. And 2. He’s the most capable to actually keep his promises and do a great job for Westeros. Think about the others 3: Cersei is insane and only rules by killing and burning, Dany is a good person but she will bring to Westeros a huge army of dothraky which, let’s be honest, will be a bane to Westeros. Not only that you have to feed those dothraky but they are savage and uncontrollable, their life is to rape, kill and destroy people and cities. And the deep traditions and habits of a civilisation cannot be forgotten or erased completely for the love of any ruler no matter that she has 3 dragons and comes out of flames unharmed. So I won’t be surprised if the people of Westeros will be at war, literally war, with the dothraky soon enough. Plus Dany knows absolutely nothing about Westeros. Daario Naharis tells her: „Daenerys Targaryen, you are a conqueror.” She accepts that as a compliment and it’s very true. But there is one think to be a conqueror and another to be a ruler. And I believe from all the seasons past we’ve seen that very clearly. She conquers everything with only a blink of her eye but when it comes to rule over only 3 cities she finds herself in a lot of trouble  that she can hardly handle or not at all and even with help from Tyrion and Varys those problems remain unresolved. And, let’s be honest, when ever Danerys proved herself to be very smart? Almost never, all that she knows to do, all her power, in any situation she’s dealing with all that she does is either to go into flames or use her dragons. Which, I think we can all agree, it’s not enough to rule 7 kingdoms and make their people happy, it’s like those very good political speeches from nowadays that inspires people to get to vote in a huge number but once the candidate obtains the certain position he can’t do almost anything to keep his promises. And who cares then that even he believed in his pretty words? Now about Jon he is a fighter not a politician. He hasn’t the skills and the education to rule, only to conquer. He is completely innocent in politics and games of power and how to get money and everything. I believe that choosing him as king is a way to exaggerate very much his qualities. He is a hero, not a king and the mission that is really for him is to save Westeros from the white walkers. And that one cannot do if it’s busy sitting on the throne and ruling. There must be someone that rules and someone that saves and he is clearly made for the second job. Not to mention that even his plans of war aren’t that clever. He fought the wildlings-he would have lost if Stannis wouldn’t come, he fought Ramsay and he get to emotional and didn’t listened to Sansa that truly knew what she was saying and he would have lost the same if Petyr Baelish wouldn’t show up. Jon, even if we like it or not, it’s a man of action less of thinking. His intentions are good as Dany’s but you cannot feed people with good intentions or honor or wars. Yes, they will follow him because he inspires trust and loyalty,  he is extremely charismatic, I give him that. And this is the same reason why he has so many fans. But when people’s stomachs will be empty and they will starve to death what could Jon do for them? Absolutely nothing. Petyr Baelish, as hated as he is, as disregarded, will have all the money and the skills to feed them. That’s why I say-if you really care about the people and future of Westeros, more than about some characters, if you really care what will happen to them after the war is over,  if you are objective and try to pass over your personal sympathies for a greater good there is no way but to wish for Littlefinger to win.


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  1. That is an extremely well written and thought out opinion. I thank you for sharing it. Personally, while I can understand your reasoning, I think Tyrion would make the best King. He’s smart. He’s savvy. He has a heart of gold, and compassion for cripples, bastards and broken things. Though, I do see where you are coming from in wishing for Littlefinger to win.

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