Half animal, half GOT character

These are some pictures that I created using Photolab, an amazing app for android for editing photos. And when I discovered these amazing half human, half animal affects the first thing that came to my mind was that they are so proper for some GOT characters. For instance Jaime Lannister could be a lion like the one from his house sigil, Sandor Clegane a dog for his nickname-„The hound”, Robb Stark as well is „The young wolf”, Catelyn Stark, nicknamed „Cat” is a cat and Petyr Baelish, well, he may not have a fox as his sigil, but he is just as sly as one. So, enjoy my collection!a6a605fa-faec-4788-a0a4-c54168d5e9c610248e89-f0b5-480a-8cae-e82d911b69a9580020ad-2dde-4231-a653-8fb89d34dc061412502b-b1d7-40ad-9544-76359a7e1fa6vulpe-1


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