Daenerys Targaryen dress

This instantly made me think of Dany`s white dress from season 3. And who could blame me? It looks just like it only with more spark and luxury, replacing the heavy metal with those queen-like diamonds.


Villa Gianni Versace as Water gardens

Villa Gianni Versace (Miami, Florida, SUA)

I like to think about this as to the Water gardens of Dorne. Needless to say why. Just pure beauty!

Elia Martell

Freida Pinto as Princess Leyla in Black gold

She seems to me just like Elia („beautiful, slender, with black eyes and hair, gentle, good and gracious, kind and clever, with a sweet wit”). She has the perfect amount of exotic, still not having the air of a seductress like her Sand relatives or her niece, Arianne.

Margaery Tyrell

No offense to Natalie Dormer, she played Margaery superbly, but we have to admit : the book Margaery was slightly different as a character from the TV one. Not essentially, I mean it`s clear that she is a devious, clever, manipulative woman, but while in the show that`s obvious, written on her face, the book Margaery has the allure and beauty of a sweet, innocent young girl. That`s exactly what I like in this beautiful fan art – the fact that we can see her somehow as George R. R. Martin has imagined her.