Lyanna Stark dress by Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill-blue dress

Beautiful blue roses on blue pattern. An easy dress for Lyanna to wear maybe in King`s landing.


A tribute to A World of Ice and Fire ladies

I`ve recently discovered these astonishing edits on internet and I wanted immediately to post them. A tribute to all those powerful, amazing women that lived before the ASOIAF series have started.

The Night`s queen

Alysanne Targaryen

Shiera Seastar

Daena Targaryen

Rhaena Targaryen

Ashara Dayne

Lyanna Stark

Visenya Targaryen

Rhaenyra Targaryen

Daenys Targaryen

Alerie Hightower

Joanna Lannister

Nymeria the warrior queen

Elia Martell

Tyanna of the Tower

The Realm’s delight

Jodie Comer as Elizabeth of York aka Lizzie in The white princess

She reminds me a lot about Rhaenyra Targaryen when she was young in that famous red and black dress from the even more famous torunament when the Dance of dragons started. Strong, confident, beautiful, eager to fight for what`s her by right just like Lizzie in The white princess. Also, just like Rhaenyra, she wears a lot of precious rings on her fingers and she even keeps her hands in the picture below like she is turning them round and round as Rhaenyra used to do when she was anxious. All that she misses to be pure perfection is a whiter tone to her hair. 

Sansa Lannister

Good Lord, if that`s not Sansa Stark when she was Tyrion`s wife than I certainly have no idea who she is. She has the same red hair and pale face as Sophie Turner in GOT, with an identical hair style and hair length, she seems quite tall and she wears that magnificent red and gold cloack in the very colors and style of house Lannister`s wardrobe, with a lion on her back. Looks like she is on her wedding day with Tyrion. And the place looks a lot like Winterfell, with that crow in the background. And her so Sansa-like kind of sad, innocent face. Perfection at its best!

Blue winter rose

Natural azurit rose

You may be tempted to think that this is a carved rose but actually it` not, at least not by a man, bu by nature itself. This splendid natural shaped rose of azurit seems to me the perfect ornamental blue winter rose to be put on Lyanna Stark`s tomb.

A character I used to know-Game of thrones season 1 parody

Remember good old days when 1 dead par episode seemed a hard affair and we were all so socked by the deaths of Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark and khal Drogo? Well, that was a time when GOT was actully a light tv show, compared to what happens now. Here I found on YouTube a parody for the deaths of season 1 based on the famous song „Somebody that I used to know”. Very funny and weel done. Enjoy!


Now and then I think back to 2011
Back in season one when all the characters were alive
Told myself that it was just tv
But didn’t know it meant so much to me
And though it’s fiction it’s an ache I still remember

You can get addicted to a certain hbo show
Chock-full of violence and boobs, so many boobs
Characters started dying off like flies
That’s when I was forced to realize
That this show would ruin my whole life forever

But you didn’t have to kill them off
George R. R. Martin why are you such a sadistic bastard?
I went through a whole tissue box
And my friends who read the book say that there’s worse to come
Though you didn’t have to kill the king
Leaving the kingdom and it’s subjects in the hands of Joffrey
I know that he was drunk and all
But now he’s just a character I used to know
Now he’s just a character I used to know
Now he’s just a character I used to know

I thought the main character was Ned Stark since he’s on the poster
That had me believing that you wouldn’t dare to kill him too
But then you put my dreams in check
When you put a sword through Ned Stark’s neck
Wasn’t ready to let him go
And I didn’t know he’d end up as a character I used to know

Then you go after Khal Drogo
God damn it Martin I finally starting to ship them
Come on he was her sun and stars
He got a god damn paper cut are you for real?
And then you brought him back to life
Killing him once was enough for you think of the fan girls!
I should have been prepared by now
For him to be a character I used to know!

(King Robert) I used to know
(Ned Stark) Now you’re just a character I used to know
(Khal Drogo) I used to know
Now they’re all just characters I used to know
Now they’re all just characters I used to know