The master of coins

What I like most about this fan art is that he has that typical Je m`en fiche expression on his face that it`s just priceless. 🙂


The golden twins

A splendid fan art with the golden twins of Westeros. I believe they`re younger here than in the books. Funny thing is this Jaime kind of remembers me of an elf.

Margaery Tyrell

No offense to Natalie Dormer, she played Margaery superbly, but we have to admit : the book Margaery was slightly different as a character from the TV one. Not essentially, I mean it`s clear that she is a devious, clever, manipulative woman, but while in the show that`s obvious, written on her face, the book Margaery has the allure and beauty of a sweet, innocent young girl. That`s exactly what I like in this beautiful fan art – the fact that we can see her somehow as George R. R. Martin has imagined her.

Game of thrones art nouveau

I simply love Missy Pena`s work on Game of thrones characters. Turning them into art nouveau is extremely interesting and daring,  but maintaining the medieval air at the same time is a real challenge. Nailed it!

Daenerys Targaryen (Missy Pena)

Sansa Stark (Missy Pena)

Ygritte (Missy Pena)

Margaery Tyrell (Missy Pena)

Cersei Lannister (Missy Pena)

The Queen in the North

Season 7 and I`m still rooting for Sansa to be Queen in the North. But most probably that won`t happen. Still here`s an amazing fan art with her as an amazing queen, all dressed in black, grey and silver leather looking just the way the fur of the Stark` s direwolf is depicted on the Stark sigil. Also beautiful crown and awesome braid.

Cersei`s chamber

Cersei`s chamber (exterior)

Cersei`s chamber (exterior)

HBO, I love you! They made a series of pictures with certain places and scenes from Game of thrones season 6 from which I choose these two with Cersei`s chamber which are incredible.

Cersei`s chamber (interior)

Cersei`s chamber (interior)