Daenerys Targaryen dress

This instantly made me think of Dany`s white dress from season 3. And who could blame me? It looks just like it only with more spark and luxury, replacing the heavy metal with those queen-like diamonds.


Sand snakes costume

Considering the GOT style, and the color of this costume, I think it looks perfect for the Sand snakes. Hmm, maybe especially for Tyene or Nymeria.

Cersei Lannister dress by Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh fall 2013 -black dress

The second i saw this magnificent dress I thought to Cersei. It`s so much of her style from the last two seasons in it-the black, the material, the texture, the sleeves, the model of the skirt, everything. It reminded me of her coronation dress, just add some feathers and voila! The result is this. Below i posted the original dress to show all the similarities.

Targaryen dress and Night`s queen dress by Fireflay path

Fireflay path-red and black dress

Dark, majestic, a little creepy, medieval, with a lot of scales like the ones of a dragon, red and black, the colors of house Targaryen, I belive there is absolutely nothing more accurate as a dress for a Targaryen lady. Fireflay path does some incredible stuff and this is certainly one of them.

Fireflay path-blue and white dress

And this looks like something that the Night`s queen would wear. All about that snowflake and snowy branches on the impeccable background of blue ice.