The great houses of Westeros make-up styles

fire and blood Marvellous make-up! It had to be really difficult to paint those dragons on skin. But I think they should have give the model violet contact lens and put her a silver natural hair wig. It would have been perfect Targaryen.growing strong The very Margaery from the books : sweet, simple and looking innocent, brown hair and eyes. The make-up is gorgeous, the best of this collection in my point of view.hear me roarSuperb, this eye make-up as a lion`s tail. Gold and a little red and this girl actually looks the way Cersei should. Notice that gold hand?ours is the fury A shame she isn`t  blue-eyed, like a true Baratheon. But, never mind, love the make-up.


Tyrell hair style

Rosasdepelo I`ve just discovered this exciting hair style. What can I say-amazing if you have a long hair. And, of course, as a GOT fan the first thing I`ve noticed is that is entirely the westeroshi style, with all those complicated knittings. And because it has roses, well, I think even Margaery Tyrell has something to learn from it. But despite of what you may think this is very easy to make. Here`s the tutorial-good luck!